Next Home & School Meeting February 14-16, 2018 We Support School Events

Next Home & School Meeting

Wednesday, February 7th at 6:30pm

February 14-16, 2018

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We Support

Your child's future!


School Events

What is Happening?



The South Hull Home & School Committee is a committee comprised of parents, teachers and the school principal.

One of the many ways the Home & School Committee contributes to the positive school environment is through fun- and fund-raising events. Over the last school year, we raised money to supply extra books for our library and classrooms, purchase sports balls for each classroom, buy musical instruments (djembe drums, keyboards), help pay for field trip transportation, contribute to the Grade 6 Graduation, and provide specialized Science and Art supplies for classrooms and clubs.

In order for families to be active participants in school, they must feel welcomed, valued and connected to each other, to school staff and to what their child(ren) are doing in school.

  • Higher teacher morale
  • Increased communications among parents, teachers, and school leaders
  • More parent involvement in supporting teaching and learning
  • More community support for the school
  • Greater student success
  1. Communicating
  2. Connecting learning at home & at school
  3. Building community and identity
  4. Recognizing the role of the family
  5. Consultative decision-making
  6. Collaborating beyond the school
  7. Participating

Our Mission To You

We will work closely with our school Principal and Staff to organize cultural, educational, physical, and social activities for the students that will enrich their school experience. As well, we will fundraise to help fund activities like buses for field trips or provide extracurricular materials, etc.